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  • What is permanent jewelry?
    Permanent jewelry is a process where we custom fit and weld a bracelet to your wrist. There are no clasps, which means no hassles! Your new favorite piece of jewelry will be on permanently (until you decide you want to take it off). Coming with a friend? We like to think of it as like getting matching tattoos... without the pain or commitment! Your new bracelets will be a forever reminder of your friendship or a special celebration.
  • Does it hurt?
    No way! We're not in the business of hurting people. This is a quick and painless process! Just a quick flash of a light and you'll be ready to go.
  • What if I need to remove my bracelet? Can I have it welded on again?
    For sure! If at any time you need to remove your bracelet, you can simply cut it off with a pair of scissors. We recommend cutting it at the weld, that way we can re-weld it for you later. Re-welds are $10.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Yes please! We do allow walk-ins but our appointments always take priority. Additionally, one appointment = one piece of jewelry. If you'd like to add more pieces to your stack, you'll need to make additional appointments for that!
  • Do you make bracelets for kids?
    We sure do! We offer welded bracelets for ages 5 and up, and clasped bracelets for those under 5.
  • Do you host private events?
    Absolutely! If you have something to celebrate, we'll be there! Business pop-up events, bridal showers, birthday parties, bachelorette... you name it, we'll be there! For more information, check out our "Private Events" tab.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yep! We offer a 10% discount if you share a photo and tag us in it on social media or leave us a Google review while you're at our shop!
  • What if I want a clasp?
    We offer that too! You can add a clasp to any of our chains for an additional $10.
  • Do you have charms available?
    Yes! Charms are a fun way to make your bracelet personal to you. Check out our Instagram to see the latest charm offerings.
  • What material do you use for permanent jewelry?
    We used gold filled chains for all of our permanent jewelry. It's dainty and cute but won't tarnish! We're in the process of testing out sterling silver so stay tuned if that's your preferred metal!
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